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The brother/sister duo of David Hansford and Suzanne Hansford Evans has collaborated on several creative ventures, including custom home design, elaborate wedding florals and delicious dinner parties.  Mrs. Mullendeck's Big Sneeze is their first foray into the world of children's literature.


Suzanne obtained a BS degree in Accounting from the University of Georgia - a long time ago.  While her decision to pursue accounting and business much dismayed David (he thought such pursuits a waste of her "creative" talents...big brothers - right?), it provided the foundation for a successful business career for almost 20 years.  Suzanne had her first child at 40, her second at almost 42 and much to everyone's surprise (especially hers) she decided to step away from the business world to be a full-time mom.  During the next 20 years, she began to play around with more creative endeavors including writing the first draft of Mrs. Mullendeck's Big Sneeze about 12 years ago.  That draft stayed in her files until a year ago when David finally agreed to do the paintings for the book.  Suzanne plans to collaborate with David on several more children's books - finally following that creative path David thought she should be on lo those many years ago. 

David has pursued many endeavors throughout his life, but making art has always owned his soul.  His paintings are reflective of his spiritual journey, which has been greatly influenced by his studies of Eastern philosophies/mythologies, years of practice in Okinawan karate, and his love of nature and the rhythms and patterns inherent within.  His paintings for children's books are somewhat of a departure from his usual paintings, but they clearly reflect his playfulness and absolute joy in creating rich and beautiful images.  David has also authored three books.  His most recent book, The Dragon Mother and the Azure Dragon Risingis a fictional, but somewhat autobiographical, telling of his spiritual journey...so far.  Currently, he lives on a barrier island in northeast Florida with his wife, Laura.  His two sons, born and raised with salt in their hair, still make the beach their home as well.

For more information on his art and his books, check out davidhansford.com or on Facebook at David Hansford Art.

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