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Hi!  I'm Pokie Dot.  I belong to Dannie and have been hers for 18 years.  Before that, I belonged to Dannie's mom, Suzanne, since she was a little girl.  She took me to college and to every place she lived, saving me for Dannie.  Now I live in Dannie's room, usually in her window seat with Sock Monkey, Jemima and many other friends.  I have been well loved for over 50 years!

Do you like to giggle?  I do!  Click below to see some of my favorite silly elephant jokes.

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?  I'd love to hear about him or her.  Click below to tell me a little bit about them or email me at and send a picture of your stuffed animal friend.  I want to post pictures of other well loved stuffed animals on my website!

Would you like to hear one of my friends read a book?

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