Mrs. Mullendeck's Big Sneeze

About the book...

What happens when someone sneezes so loud that it "rattles the ground and shakes through the trees?" They set off a series of funny accidents that leaves no one in the town of Snaky Creek untouched!  


Mrs. Mullendeck's Big Sneeze is a delightful rhyming book of cause and effect.  David Hansford has beautifully illustrated the book with paintings that not only tell the story as written, but also provide several "subplots" and opportunities to engage the imagination beyond the written words.

The story behind the book...

I originally wrote the book about 12 years ago.  My husband and I were taking my mother on a trip.  She was sitting in the front seat - I was in the back.  Mom began reminiscing about her childhood in West Virginia and mentioned the next door neighbor, Mrs. Mullendeck.  The name itself caused me to chuckle.  And them mom said rather nonchalantly, "I remember she had a really big sneeze!"  I proceeded to write the first draft of the book right there in the car.