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A delightful rhyming book about cause and effect.  Mrs. Mullendeck's big sneeze sets off a series of accidents that dominoes through the town of Snaky Creek.  Beautifully and playfully illustrated.

"Mrs. Mullendeck's Big Sneeze is a sheer delight to read...The accompanying illustrations make each page an adventure, one to be savored slowly as the reader studies every part of the page, delighting in the surprises and creatures to be found everywhere one looks....While this book is ideal for storytime, especially when followed by the More Fun with Mrs. Mullendeck discussion questions at the end of the story, I can't think of a better selection for a new reader to try on their own...Mrs. Mullendeck's Big Sneeze by Suzanne Evans  is most highly recommended." - Jack Magnus (Reader's Favorite Review)

Coming 2022

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Zack and Addie - A Day at the Creepatorium

Zack and Addie spend the day at the Creepatorium...a park filled with wonderfully scary monsters and mythical creatures.  Zack sees something frightening at every turn, but Addie sees nothing but fun!  Through the use of a playful rhyming verse and beautifully creepy paintings, the book illustrates how many fearful things in life are a matter of how you perceive them. Oh - and that everyone is a afraid of something!

Sometimes being afraid is all in the way you look at things....

"A dragon!"cried Zack. "Oh Addie, it's dire!   He's drawing in breath to light us on fire!"  "Oh no," replied Addie.  "You have it all wrong.  He's lighting up candles and singing a song."